Luis Carli is designing games and blogging. He also likes photography and worked with datavis. For updates, subscribe.

Recent Updates

Game a Week — May 07, 2020

Potion Brewing Master

Mix ingredients to create new kinds of potions, sell potions, and use the gold to buy more expensive ingredients. Repeat.
Blog — Apr 22, 2020

On Prototyping Games Quickly

Rapid prototyping is a core discipline of the game design process. The important thing is to build something interactive as quickly and cheaply as possible
Game a Week — Apr 06, 2020

Procedural Walking Animation

Moving the character legs via code and finding a nice flat shading configuration.
Blog — Apr 05, 2020

Its Ok to Copy

We learn by imitating what other people have done. Through copying, we can develop the mental structures of how things work.
Game a Week — Mar 31, 2020

Animal Crossing Clone

Shake trees, pick apples, catch butterflies.