Luis Carli


Blog — Jun 21, 2020

The Three Video Game Eras

Holleman proposed that the history of videogame design is divided into three main groups: the arcade era, the composite era, and the set-piece period.
Blog — Jun 18, 2020

Focus is a Mental Muscle

Focus and concentration work like a muscle; the ability to concentrate intensively is a skill that must be trained.
Blog — Jun 18, 2020

Agency vs Empathy in Games

Games are about agency, while stories are about empathy.
Blog — Apr 22, 2020

On Prototyping Games Quickly

Rapid prototyping is a core discipline of the game design process. The important thing is to build something interactive as quickly and cheaply as possible
Blog — Apr 05, 2020

Its Ok to Copy

We learn by imitating what other people have done. Through copying, we can develop the mental structures of how things work.
Blog — Mar 02, 2020

Why Do a Game a Week Challenge?

Deliberate practice and feedback loops applied to learning video-game design.