Two Games for Two Game Jams

An account and a playable instance of the two games I tried to make for two game jams.

Creating Timers in Godot

Learn how to create and use timers in Godot 4

Saving Runtime Changes Back into the Scene

Explore how to save procedural node manipulations, executed in the _ready callback during runtime, back into the Godot scene. This serves as a quick …

Await All in Godot 4

Implementation of an await_all function in Godot 4 that awaits for all signals and callables in a list.

Publishing Web Exports from Godot 4

Handling the required server configurations and browser-specific bugs.

On a Mac, Godot 4 Web Exports only work on Safari

An acronym fest where I explain what's happening behind the scenes.

Custom Camera2D in Godot

How to create a transform that fits one rectangle inside another, and how to use that transformation to make the viewport follow and zoom in on the player.

Pacman in Godot

Using data on nodes and edges for the player movement and the enemy path-finding.

The Three Video Game Eras

Holleman proposed that the history of videogame design is divided into three main groups: the arcade era, the composite era, and the set-piece period.

The Moped Journey

Rolling over smooth roads with your trusted moped. Dodge cars, break barriers, jump over mini ramps, and pick coins.

Focus is a Mental Muscle

Focus and concentration work like a muscle; the ability to concentrate intensively is a skill that must be trained.

Agency vs Empathy in Games

Games are about agency, while stories are about empathy.

On Prototyping Games Quickly

Rapid prototyping is a core discipline of the game design process. The important thing is to build something interactive as quickly and cheaply as possible

Procedural Walking Animation

Moving the character legs via code and finding a nice flat shading configuration.

Its Ok to Copy

We learn by imitating what other people have done. Through copying, we can develop the mental structures of how things work.

Animal Crossing Clone

Shake trees, pick apples, catch butterflies.

Gem Mining

Mining, finding gems, and buying resources to mine more gems.

Why Do a Game a Week Challenge?

Deliberate practice and feedback loops applied to learning video-game design.

Deck Building Card Game

Based on the Star Realms card game. It features animated 3d cards and effects to show the usage of resources.

Top-Down Shooter

A twin-stick shooter. With the left stick, you move your character, and with the right, you point to where you want to aim.

Mario Clone

What best platformer to learn from than the original Mario? The twist is 3D characters and physic simulated coins.

Real-Time Strategy

A combat game using real-time strategy mechanics. It clones some of the base functionality of games like StarCraft.
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