Luis Carli

Data Visualizations

I have gone very deep into the rabbit hole of how to display data interactively. Here’s a selection of the work I created over the years.

Data Visualization — Sep 01, 2012

Wood Dimensional Changes

I partnered with researcher Rafael Passarelli to develop those first of its kind interactive visualization that shows how much wood changes its size in different cities of the world.
Data Visualization — Oct 01, 2013

Delivery Logistics in Syria

I was approached by a Lebanon company to visualize their data on delivery logistics in Syria. They wanted to know how the war in the country was affecting its deliveries. Here's one of the results of that project.
Data Visualization — Dec 03, 2017

Color Quantization in Music Videos

What are the primary colors in a music clip, and how do those colors change over time? To answer that question I extracted and visualized colors from music videos.
Data Visualization — Jul 01, 2014

Phone Contacts in Portugal

I worked on this project during my time on the MIT Senseable City Lab. The objective of the project was to see if there was a relation between the number of peoples phone contacts and the population size of cities in Portugal.
Data Visualization — May 01, 2013

Confederations Cup

The Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo approached me to do a visualization about the Confederations Cup. I decided the most exciting thing was to try to visualize all the game scores across all previous cups.
Data Visualization — Oct 01, 2017

How to Joyplot

A visual display of the logic behind _Joyplots_. How they are made and what they are good for.
Data Visualization — May 09, 2012

Weather Over the Year

Weather data is mostly seem in the scales of a few days. Because of that I wanted to visualize the weather pattern across multiple years in several cities around the globe.
Data Visualization — Nov 01, 2013

Deputies Speechs in Brazil

Together Davi Moreira and Manoel Galdino I visualized for the Brazilian Government 14k speeches done by their Federal Deputy Legislators.
Data Visualization — Aug 01, 2009

Custom Multi-Touch Screen

In 2009 I went on to build a multi-touch screen. I used a technique called _Frustrated Total Internal Reflection_ (FTIR) by leveraging the use of plexiglass, infrared lights, and infrared cameras.
Data Visualization — Dec 13, 2017

Movies Box Office

What information can be seen when we organize movies by their gross revenue, their studio, genre, and open date?