Phone Contacts in Portugal

I worked on this project during my time on the MIT Senseable City Lab. The data comes from 15 months of phone calls in Portugal. The objective of the project was to see if there was a relation between the number of peoples phone contacts and the population size of cities in Portugal.

Contacts are defined here as when two phone numbers call each other regularly. On the x axis of the visualization, we have the population size of Portugal cities, on the y axis the number of contacts.

The are selected cities, positioned according to their population.

To see the interactive version, open the site in a bigger window

contacts average contacts max {{tick.text}} pop: {{hoverPop | number:0}} {{hoverName}} 0 50% {{city.hoverDegree.clustPerc | number:0}}% 20% {{city.hoverDegree.amountPerc | number:0}}% 0 50% {{city.hoverDegree.clustPerc | number:0}}% 20% {{city.hoverDegree.amountPerc | number:0}}% {{x.tickFormat(6, ',.1s')(tick)}} {{hoverDegree | number:0}} contacts

How to explore the data

Citiesare ordered by population size

People in the city are grouped according to the number of phone contacts they have.

The amount of people in the city with a certain number of contacts is displayed on the left.

The probability that two of those contacts know each other is on the right.

Published 2014.07.01

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