Luis Carli


A catalog of my favorite pictures taken during long walks.

Photos — Aug 14, 2019

Tour du Mont Blanc

For nine days, I walked with my brother on the Alps around the Mont Blanc. Our tour took us across multiple mountain passes and three different countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland.
Photos — Oct 01, 2018

The Kumano Kodo

For six days I walked the Nakahechi pilgrimage route at the Kumano Kodo, in Japan. The hike goes through old sacred mountains filled with shrines and temples.
Photos — Sep 27, 2018

Tokyo and Kyoto

Pictures from photo walks along those two cities. Interesting things on the streets, temples and culture.
Photos — May 03, 2018

El Camino de Santiago

Legend holds that St. James's remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to northern Spain, where he was buried in what is now the city of Santiago de Compostela.
Photos — Aug 28, 2017

Death Valley and the Yosemite

Crossing the Death Valley, getting to the Yosemitte valley through Tiaga pass, then hiking to the top of the half dome.
Photos — Oct 02, 2016

Grand Teton and the Yellowstone

A visit to those two iconic National Parks, with a hike on the Cascade Canyon, The Great Falls of the Yellowstone and others.
Photos — Sep 18, 2016

Maine and the Acadia Park

Beaches on Maine, the exquisite colors of its twilights, and hikes on the Acadia National Park.
Photos — Jul 07, 2016

Zion and Bryce Canyons

A hike to the top of the Angels Landing, scrambling through rocks beside a precipice
Photos — Jul 06, 2016

Las Vegas and San Francisco

Photo walks in the streets of those cities, taking a look at the urban fabric and interesting characters.
Photos — Jan 01, 2016

Boston and Cambridge

Assorted pictures from my time on those cities. Hikes, building, people and the snowy winter.