Luis Carli

Data Visualisation Designer

I map quantitative information to interactive graphics with the objective of describe, explore and reason about big sets of data.


Solution Space

My design solutions goes from pure exploratory tools to storytelling graphics, and the mixes in between.


Exploratory tools

Tools to explore datasets in which its structure is known but the data may change


Storytelling graphics

Graphics that tell a story about the data, communicating insights about it

Design Process

To reach out my solutions I solve a four layer model of information visualisation. The results of each layer influence all others, so I iteratively cycle through them, refining and developing my solutions.

*Based on Munzner:2009


Domain Problem

Define the problem according to the necessities of the user and the characteristics of the dataset.


Data Structure

Structure and aggregate the raw data so that it can better address the domain problem


Visual Encoding and Interaction Design

Map the data to geometric forms and define the interaction methods to manipulate it


Code Implementation

Implement an algorithm to carry out the visual encoding and interaction designs automatically

Selected Works

Confederations Cups

Visualization developed for Folha de São Paulo to show the results from all the matches of all Confederation Cups. This work is a mixture of an exploratory tool and a storytelling graphic.

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Tool for exploring and managing energy consumption data of big industries, being developed to be the front-end of one of the Annadale Technologies systems.

Wood Dimensional Changes

Work developed with wood researcher Rafael Passarelli to visualise the wood dimensional changes due to moisture exchange in several cities.

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Steps Walked per Day

Visualisation of Fitbit data, to show the amount of steps a person walked per day.

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