Luis Carli
Tour du Mont Blanc
For nine days, I walked with my brother on the Alps around the Mont Blanc. Our tour took us across multiple mountain passes and three different countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. Each day we slept in a new refuge, eating the local food and meeting other pilgrims attempting the same journey.

The city on the valley is Chamonix, our starting point in France. The prominent white peak looming behind is the infamous Mt. Blanc.

The perfect companion for this trip: my brother.

Paths across the mountain passes, and on the last photo, monsieur dog coming to say hi.

After the rainy ascent from the city of Courmayeur.

The communal dining room and accommodations of one of the stops.

The mountains at the far end of this picture divide Italy from France. At the same time, I took the photo close to the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Bugs on the trees, mist on the trail.

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Tour du Mont Blanc
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