Luis Carli

Game Prototypes

Prototype — Jun 19, 2020

The Moped Journey

Rolling over smooth roads with your trusted moped. Dodge cars, break barriers, jump over mini ramps, and pick coins.
Prototype — Apr 06, 2020

Procedural Walking Animation

Moving the character legs via code and finding a nice flat shading configuration.
Prototype — Mar 31, 2020

Animal Crossing Clone

Shake trees, pick apples, catch butterflies.
Prototype — Mar 08, 2020

Gem Mining

Mining, finding gems, and buying resources to mine more gems.
Prototype — Mar 01, 2020

Deck Building Card Game

Based on the Star Realms card game. It features animated 3d cards and effects to show the usage of resources.
Prototype — Feb 23, 2020

Top-Down Shooter

A twin-stick shooter. With the left stick, you move your character, and with the right, you point to where you want to aim.
Prototype — Feb 14, 2020

Mario Clone

What best platformer to learn from than the original Mario? The twist is 3D characters and physic simulated coins.
Prototype — Feb 07, 2020

Real-Time Strategy

A combat game using real-time strategy mechanics. It clones some of the base functionality of games like StarCraft.